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Levent Renda MD


We are absolutely satisfied

“My son had a tracheostoma and the stoma was starting to close. Thanks to Mr. Levent, he performed the surgery, cleaned the hole and reconstract the stoma. When we went for the controls later, he took good care of us. He is a smiling person, he listens and understands his patient. It was very pleasing that he remembered us every time we went for an examination. We are absolutely delighted with the whole process. ”

We thank our doctor Levent Renda

“My mother had a tumor on her cheek and neck. It was four cm in size and had stage two skin cancer. First, he went to medical oncology to received a chemotherpy to make the tumor smaller for the operation.Then, Dr Levent Renda surgically removed the tumor. We thank our doctor Levent. For his smiling face and sincerity.”

I am so pleased

“I went to Mr. Levent’s outpatient clinic because of the nodules in my throat. I found him after friend recommandation. I underwent surgery and it was very successful. One operation took 5 hours and my other operation took 12 hours. It was a comfortable process and my controls still continue. Dr Renda is a humane physician who is close to his patient. While I was in the hospital, he visited me twice a day, checking on my condition and was very interested. My health is very good now and I am very satisfied.”

We definitely recommend

“I had a tumor on my cheek. I chose Dr Levent after my brother's research and advice. Operation was performed for this. It's been very successful. Levent Bey was very helpful after that. I am in close follow-up period. My doctor, he is very friendly and confident doctor. He explains everything clearly. Thank you very much to him.”

I wish the continuation of your success

“I had a wound on my tongue. I went to Dr Levent with this complaint. Biopsy was taken and diagnosed with cancer. The cancerous part was removed with an operation and I began to receive radiation therapy. I have no complaints and I am very satisfied. With the close attention of my doctor, this problematic process was over. Thank you very much for your interest. I have endless respect for him. I wish him success.”

Endless thanks

“My dear doctor, who performed my throat cancer surgery, saved my life, I would like to thank him for his successful, caring and smiling face.”

Thanks Doctor!

“I had thyroid and lymphatic cancer. Thanks to Mr. Levent. He explained everything clearly and clearly. I felt confident. My examination was very satisfactory.”

We are very pleased with our doctor!

“Mr. Levent successfully performed the operation of the malignant tumor in my father's vocal cord, now everything is fine, the controls are clean, we are very pleased with our doctor.”

A surgeon strong enough to turn fear into laughter!

“When we wake up every new day, we repeat our endless thanks to Levent, whom we met in the last stage of my mother, who has a 5-year history of laryngeal cancer diagnosis. If we hadn't met him, perhaps my mother would be dealing with voiceless and living half a life right now. Of course, we have endless respect for the physicians before him, but Levent Bey is one of the rare people who does not ignore the wishes of his patients. He is a surgeon with the power for turning fear into laughter with his experience.”

Every patient needs a doctor like MD Levent!

“Dear Mr. Levent, He is one of the most naive doctors I have ever seen. Mr Levent performed my salivary gland tumor surgery. He saved my life with very early diagnosis. His approach and informing in the subsequent process, his careful follow-up of his patient, It is admirable. May Allah give him and his loved ones a healthy and happy life. Doctors like Mr Levent should appear to any patient who are suffering with head neck cancers..”

I thank MD Levent!

“We learned that my son has salivary gland cancer thanks to Mr Levent, he performed a very successful operation, he informed us very well, he really takes care of his patient very well, he is a sweet-talking, smiling doctor, I recommend him to everyone.”

Nice to meet with MD Levent!

“He is a valuable doctor for us, he loves his profession. I am fortunate that I chose him by chance and he performed my throat cancer surgery. I am grateful for answering all my questions and taking care of my problems even though he is in another health institution. I will remain as someone who smiles in my memory. I have full confidence that his success will continue to increase. I give him my respect. I'm glad I did.”

I recommended MD Levent!

“My father was diagnosed with throat cancer. He had surgery in April 2019. The surgery was performed by "Levent Renda" otolaryngologist. His condition is now very good and he has regained his former health. God bless you. Thank you very much for everything.”

I recommended MD Levent!

“My mother was diagnosed with tongue cancer, my friends recommended Dr Levent for surgery, we talked, he performed the surgery. Now my mother is healthy, both of us are very happy. The best part is that he takes care of his patient very closely and his smiling face is enough.”

A true expert in his profession.!

“My wife had salivary gland surgery. As a result of the pathology, another detailed surgery was required. As a result of our research for surgery, we reached Mr. Levent. My wife had undergone surgery again. The operation took 3 hours and was very successful. Our results were also very good. Control and follow-up was done very well. Dr Levent is a very, very good doctor. His approach to his patient is positive and reassuring. He is a true expert in his profession.”

Our checks were done and we are very satisfied!

“We went to Levent Bey for my son and myself. I was having trouble breathing and nasal congestion. My son also had a problem with his nose. He was very helpful with his interest and relevance. He solved our problems in a short time with drug treatment without the need for surgery. We were very pleased that Mr. Levent listened to us, understood the problems and resolved them in a short time. He explained all kinds of information about our condition and our medications, down to the smallest detail. We are very satisfied.”

We are so thankful!

“My father had an intraoral tumor. We reached out to Mr. Levent on a recommendation. As a result of the examinations and tests, we decided to have the surgery. The tumor was completely cleared with surgery and radiotherapy was started. My father has no problems and is very satisfied with the process. He also completely corrected the open scar left by the surgery with the patch. Dr Levent is a very caring physician. I can reach them at any time and my questions do not go unanswered.”

I am so glad

“I would like to thank my doctor Levent, who successfully performed my wife's neck surgery. We had the surgery with his professional experience, friendliness, sincerity and the trust he gave us. Endless thanks to my doc who made my wife healthy in a short time. Good luck to you.”